Saturday, 14 September 2013

What Maisie Knew.

A trip to the cinema is always exciting, especially for one who doesn't really get out much (Me)! Last night my parentals took me out to see the big screen, at the Ritz, in Belper. It was grrrreat fun, not only because the Ritz is a swanky (Hahaha! Swanky!) place, but because the film was brillig!
 It tells the story of Maisie, (Onata Aprile) a six year old who is being fought over by her selfish and shallow parents. Her mum (Julianne Moore) is an ageing rock star, and her dad (Steve Coogan) is some kind of boring business man. She also has a nanny, called Margo (Joanna Vanderham), who evidently loves her more than her mum, and a step-father called Lincoln (Alexander Skarsgard), who evidently loves her more than her dad. These two, Margo and Lincoln, become her kind of 'real' family, and it's just a lovely story. the only downside to it is that it is somewhat predictable - you knew the ending from about half way through, but I like happy endings, so it suited me down to the ground. Onate Aprile, who plays Maisie, is a stunning child actress. I especially loved Maisie's quirky style - she has this gorgy little material embroidered crown! It seems impossibly to get a good picture of this crown, but I am trying to figure out a DIY for it!
Maisie (Complete with crown) with step-father Lincoln.
Maisie's dad, and nanny Margo.
Maisie (Complete with crown) with her mum, who wears quite a lot of leopard print.
I really enjoyed this film, even if it was predictable, and I strongly urge everyone to go and see it! And just a moral point - is it wrong to be utterly and completely jealous of a six year old's bedroom, toys, clothes, crowns, and especially her canopy bed?


  1. This film sounds good! And please work out a DIY, I'd love one!

    1. It was brilligamundo! And yes, i will do my utter best to work one out!