Thursday, 5 September 2013

The introductory post.

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So, we find ourselves here, at the introduction. And, much like those parties, where you realise how uninteresting you are upon being introduced, I am not sure what to say. So, let's start the conventional way with hello, internet buddies, a warm and hearty hello! This, here, is my blog! Since this is the first post nothing much has really been happening on here, but stick with me! Right -about moi. I am:
  • An angsty teenager
  • A lover of vintage or DIY fashion
  • A staunch feminist!
  • Erm...a country girl? Does that count as a facet of my personality?
  • A cat person
  • A baker of slightly too-sticky cakes
  • A dedicated Rookie reader
  • I love art - can I call myself an artist? Why not?!
And..that's me! I look like this:
However, that's the best the best picture that has EVER been taken of me, so if in another picture my face is contorted oddly, or I'm grimacing arkwardly etc, then just remember that this photo is the exception, and I will never look like this on camera again. Hmm...what more, what more - oh yes, my cats look like this:
That one ^^ is Katie...
And that one ^^ is Hetty! Mi gusta el gatos buenos muchos! That was meant to be Spanish, but I've garbled it pretty badly, so I hope no snooping Spanish teachers are reading this. So, it's been a disjointed first post, but don't leave me just yet ol' gal - I hope someday I'll look back on this 'ere postie with a nostalgic twinkle in my eye, having soared high above these humble beginnings.Well, a girl can dream!

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