Friday, 6 September 2013

Return to the machine.

It's back to school time. I write these words with sadness, because they carry a sad meaning. Yes, it is once again that time when your mum is executing a one woman mission to equip you with the most hideous flared school trousers the world has ever seen, and after seeing your new timetable it dawns on you just how utterly awful this school year will be. (I mean, double physics! Which genius came up with that joy?) But. It is not all bad. The return to the machine (school) gives us a chance to fantasise about our ideal school uniforms. I say fantasise, bcause I know that my school for one is like a dictatorship when it comes to uniform. I think the people in charge weren't allowed to wear what they wanted at school, so now they inflict an all-black uniform upon us! Anyway, if I had my way, this would be what I'd wear to school:
So, I'm sure you can see for yourself what this is, but anyhoo, I love the simple black pinafore with the crisp white shirt, and I think the vintage velvet blazer would complement it beautifully - which in turn sets off the emerald velvet bow very nicely. I really like the knee socks with miniature bow, and finally completing the outfit ae these gorgy shiny patent stompy things which I ACTUALLY OWN! Yippee! I'm so proud of them, and they may be the only things that will get me through the new year.

Talking of beautiful school-related things, I absolutely adored a post on Rookie which chanelled a kind of beautiful summer sadness - I can't sum it up very well, so here are some of the photos.

 Do you see what I mean? I just think they are perfect. Anyway, I hope this post has cheered any of you up who are being forced back to the machine, and maybe you'll go out and spontaneously buy some gorgeous shoes, or a pinafore dress or something!


  1. Bonjour madamoiselle sophie, c'est tres bien. I see you like to eat glitter, I also like to live dangerously...

  2. Wow that's taking le Francais to a whole new level! umm... je suis un chat? That's about as good as it gets... oh, wait a minute - je voudrais une glace de vanille! *Smug face* and oui, je likey to consumeré le glitteré! We are livng on le edge...

  3. Cool new blog! I love this post, you have pretty much summed up my ideal school uniform! I shall see you tomorrow; I can't stay and chat, I'm off to eat some glitter...

    1. Thankyou hannifer! I'm pretty pleased with it too - and yes, it's lurrvely isn't it! I hope the glitter tasted good!