Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Summer is gone and the days grow cold.

Every morning I trip down the hill in my rad shoes, and as I do so I notice that it's grown a little chillier. Gone are the loveliest days of my life (This summer) and arrived are the sad, grey, bleak days that fill the space in between. (I would like to add that my friends mock me for wearing a vest, but I think it's extremely sensible!) This is the kind of bleak winter vibe I'm feeling right now:

Do you see what I mean? Anyway, since that has really got me down, I thought I'd take a photographic look back at some of the lovely things I did this summer!
1. I went on holiday, to the Black Forest in germany.



So, yeah, that was sunny Germany! Now, I have the most epic friendlies in the world, so I did far too many meet-ups with them to put on here, and also I've discovered my computer seems to have lost all of the photos of me and my chummies, BUT they do exist and I will try and find them! We just went out and skipped and hopped around quite a lot. We're so snazzy. So, the moral of this post (Oooh - it's got a moral!) is that even though Winter can seem a tad boring and grey and depressing, there is a light at the end of the tunnell, and we will pull through. (Exciting fact of the day - my birthday party is in ten days!)

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