Monday, 9 September 2013

Princesses are my style icons: Part one - Belle.

So, Disney is the best thing in the world right? (Apart from quite a lot of other stuff, but that's not the point.) I was huffing and puffing up my hideously long hill on the way home from school today, and in between singing Mulan songs (You must be swift as a coursing river...) I was pondering how cool it would be if Disney princesses were real, and they could be our lovely helpful big sister mentor people. And then I realised - they may not be real, but that doesn't stop us from taking inspiration from their awesome styles! So, this is Part One of an indefinitely looong series of princess style icon posts, and it is based on Belle! (By the way, I am so addicted to this video, I just thought I'd get you hooked too.)

So, I was going for Belle in her lovely blue dress, which I think is ever-so-slightly more wearable! I know its not exactly the same, but that's the beauty of it! The blue pinafore dress is from New Look, and I love the flower pattern on it, the blouse is by Alexander Wang, the bow is just a blue ribbon, so does it really matter where it came from, and the shoes (Gollygosh they are gorgy!) are from Office. I really like this outfit, and I have enjoyed creating this post, so look out for more in the future. Oh, and an update on my life - today was the First Ever day Of Year Ten Isn't That Scary, and it wasn't actually as bad as I was expecting (touch wood)! I was with a buddy in every lesson, which was my main worry, and other than some outright DULL lessons, I had quite a good time! let's hope it stays this good - but things might take a severe turn for the worse - I mean, I am kicking off Tuesday with DOUBLE PHYSICS.

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