Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Those were the disco days, sequins and spotlights and bright starry eyes.

Hello internet! It's me again, and I am mighty sorry i haven't written in forever - I've just been mortal busy with lots of things, but mainly my art homework. Anyhoo - I am back! And this post is justa  general kinda catch-up post (How exciting I'm making this sound!) so we're all up to speed. So, firtsly, I realised I didn't properly go into detail about my presents - but I can't go through every single one, so I shall just go through the clothezzzz.
I got these amazink zebra socks from Leila:
This gorgy floral dress from Bronia:
And these lovingly made lace ruffle scoks from Hannah:
On the Saturday just gone it was our friend Beth's birthday party, so we all trooped round Chesterfield, and I bought these 'ere sockingtons:

Then on the Sunday just gone we had a big family meet up and I got this camera case:
And these troosiemabobs:
So, oui, I'd say I was doing wonderfully! I'm feeling pretty happy at the momentus, even if there is that whole school malarkey going on, I have my wondiferous friends! Another subject of extreme importance/excitement is my discovery of a film camera, tucked awa from my parents' misspent youth! I immediately pounced, and claimed it as my own, and this is what it looks like!
See you soon le internet - but for now, The Great British bake Off calls!



  1. Beautiferous Soffle! Lob oooo!

    1. Why merci hanni! the lob is very much so mutual!