Thursday, 31 October 2013

DIY - Super rad retro scrunchie.

The holidays are drawing to the close, and since my days of freedom are numbered I thought I'd better squeeze a DIY in! And, as you may have guessed from the title, this DIY is how to make a scrunchie. I love scrunchies, and think they have a slightly childish vibe (In a good way) - they make me think of those little gingham scrunchies we had at primary school! They're more exciting than a hairbobble, and incredibly easy to make. I made mine out of velvet, because I have a fetish for velvet, but you could make your out of literally anything your mind can dream up - (Within reason.)
You will need:
  • A piece of nicely patterned material (I normally rumage around in bargain bins for little scraps, at markets or haberdasheries) measuring 10 x 53cm, or thereabouts
  • A needle and thread
  • A hair bobble
So, let's get cracking! (Oh, and by the way, I apologise for the terrible quality of these photos!)
Step 1 - Fold the fabric right sides together. Hold two corners of the fabric together inside the hairbobble, so that the hairband will be trapped inside the tube, and stitch the two corners together.
 Step 2 - Carry on stitching along the same edge, with an even running stitch, so you're creating a tube with the hairband trapped inside.
When you've finished stitching, what you've created should look something like the photo above - an inside out scrunchie with open ends.
 Step 3 - Scrunch all of the fabric over your thumb, and then pull one side of the material through the tumeb, and carry on, until the right side of the fabric is showing.
 Step 4 - When you've finished pulling all the fabric through you should still have an unfinished scrunchie, BUT this time the fabric is the right way out! It should look something like this:
 Yippee! All that remains to be done is to fold one end of your fabric tube inward by about 1cm. Now push the other raw edge into it, so you've neatly joined your scrunchie/tube/thingymajig. Simply running sticth along the join, (Ignore the hairbobble - either skip it or go straight through it) and you have MADE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SCRUNCHIE! Well done!
 You can wear your scrunchie around your chic messy bun, or around a high ponytail, or...errr...anyway, I'm sure there are tons more ways! What I'm trying to say is that your little scrunchie buddy is hugely versatile, and as I've said before, the possibilities for material choice are endless! Silk,velvet, tartan,embroidered something or other, gingham, floral patterns, polka dots....anything! the sky's the limit, so go for it you little...(Can I give you a cringey name yet? Flowers! Faeries! Flower faeries!) flower faeries, and let your wondrous imaginations run wild!

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