Friday, 7 February 2014

My obsession from a Western, my dance floor date.

Wow, it is good to be writing again! I sure am awful sorry I haven't been posting much, but I've been in a village panto with my brilliant buddy Bronia (get that alliteration!) so that has absorbed a lot of my time. School has also been shoveling the homework on - we've moved onto Shakespeare, and apparently the best way to interest us in one of the giants of English literature is forcing us to write with our own tears a mahoosive essay - long story short, I have no time! Anyway, cutting the faff, this post is getting me VERY EXCITED. Here's a bit of background: at every single school disco I have ever attended, the song the teachers love to play is '5,6,7,8' by the band Steps. I have never been able to remember the lyrics to the song, so  a few days ago, through the magic that is the Tinterweb, I Youtubed it and BOOMF.
I was hit with this beauty - AARGH! I am speaking of a very big fan of nineties style - could this get any more perfect? It is so cheesy! I described to one of my friends the utter perfection, but she didn't understand. Many people don't get it, beacuse the thing is, nineties style is all about being cheesy, but that's why it's so gorgeous. It's not meant to be taken too seriously! I mean, this video has them doing a LINE DANCING ROUTINE on the beach. The males are wearing open shirts! By the way, possibly my favourite outfit in this video is Lisa (the brunette)'s green floral tankini. I couldn't find anything remotely similar to it, but going town the line of vintage swimwear (gah), I found zis:
Which I think is very, VERY lovely! Lisa wears sunglasses, and when it comes to vintage sunglasses go wild! There are zillions of lovely sunglasses out there, but I'd always opt for some heart shaped beauties such as these:
!!!!!!! Is that not just the most gorgy picture ever?? I'm sorry this post has been so short, but I must go and do some more homework (yurg!). Another reason I haven't posted much recently is because nothing exciting seems to have happened, but tomorrow my groovy friends and I are going on our first S.A.R.G outing of the year, so expect a post! (S.A.R.G is the name of our girl gang!) See y'all around.

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