Sunday, 5 January 2014

The new year is here, so we sing and wait for Spring.

Hello! And welcome to what will (hopefully) be the first of many rad posts of 2014! This post will just be a 'mash up' (cue beat boxing) of things that have happened to me, or I've found groovy! So, last year (!!!) we had Christmas, and I got many beautiful presents. My parents gave me a GLUE GUN and the money for a pair of Doc Martens. Could my life get any more complete? My first creation with the glue gun was, of course, a flower crown, and it looks like this:

 And the Docs are, to quote the Dr Martens website, 'classic 1460 style eight hole boots, in Cherry Red'. Gah - I just lurrrrrrve them! I couldn't take a very good picture of them, but here you go anyhow.
When I wear them I feel empowered, and as if I could change the world. And talking of being a STOMPY, SUPER-RAD feminist icon, look at THIS post from Rookie! it is AH-MAY-ZING! Rookie moves us on neatly to our next subject. Rookie posted a video, which was not only beautiful and gorgy as a video, but I loved the song as well. She's very obscure, so I couldn't put a Youtube video on here, but I'll yet again link you to the post on Rookie!
Our lovely friend Sarah had her birthdaaay partaaay last night, and we watched The Neverending Story, which has possibly the worst special effects of any film ever created! Of course, that only adds to the magic. I won't go into all the details, but let's just say it features a 'luck dragon', which is basically a lizard crossed with a dog, which is pink and fluffy. This picture explains it better than I ever could. (By the way, the boy you can't see very well is the hero, and I fancied him when I was ten.)
So, I think that pretty much concludes the first post of 2014 (eek), and tomorrow my reign of happiness over the kingdom of holiday will end. Yay. Anyhoo, hope you all had a great holiday! Much love,



  1. I love the flower crown! Its so much better than the one I made with my glue gun! xxx

    1. Thankyou dearest hannington, je suis pretty proud of it too! But I don't agree - your flower crown is equally, if not more gorgy!